The best partner for precision machining components.

Best strategic partner and top manufacturer for crankshafts/ connecting rod sets/ various precision machining components, IATF 16949 certified, inducted characteristic development under strict quality control system also capability.

leading CNC processing
in Taiwan.

leading CNC processing in Taiwan. We have over than 50 years in CNC cutting, milling and so on in the fields. We have CNC machines in our factory. They are CNC lathes, CNC machine center, drilling machines, forging machines, and so on . They can work with a variety of parts work demand.

Our services are perfect for:

50+ Years Experience

Motorcycle Parts

Agricultural machinery

Industry Parts

Our customers include some of the most renowned suppliers and manufacturers of prototypes, 

high performance vehicles, commercial vehicles, 

off-highway vehicles, ships and locomotives.


is now an avant garde manufacturer of fully finished and semi-finished forged crankshafts.The machining of the crankshafts is done with the latest equipments


incremental innovation as a fore-front of the R&D with constant commitment and interest in the application of the new technologies.The company strives to be a leader in every aspect of its business.

Quality & Excellence

Quality, service and commitment is the primary objective of our company. We always strive to meet the expectations, specifications and needs of our customers.

100% Satisfaction

we aim for client satisfaction in two main areas; Purchase and Product Compatibility Satisfaction.

How Does We Work?

Stable Manufacturing

sufficient capacities, well-equipped facilities, standardized production, and consistent quality

Rigorous Inspection

material stability, half-finished product safety, and finished-product assessments

Punctual Delivery

managed procedures to ensure precise delivery of exact order